Piranha Sur Luxury 260 RIB

62kg of Luxury RIB Tender

The 2.5m retains the luxury feel and look with a moulded bench seat and console. It can be rigged with a 10hp engine allowing full electric start and trim and tilt. The RIB comes with Flexiteek as standard and weighs in at just 62kg.

The ST 260 is well suited to the DMV Torqueedo Cruise 2.0, the seat comfortably accommodates the battery pack lithium. The total weight is under 100kg.

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Overall length: 2.6m
Overall width: 1.5m
Tube diameter: 40cm
Air chambers: 3
Max persons: 4
Max load: 0kg
Max engine power: 10hp
Recommended engine power: 8hp
Engine shaft: 15inch
Weight: 65kg
Hull: 20°V
Fuel tank: 30L external tank

Standard Equipment

Battery and isolator switch
Console and seating w/cushioning
30L Plastic fuel tank
Air pump